Dr. Jensen listens to the symptoms and then he will ask questions to find out what caused the problems. He then will work with you to get you back to feeling great.

         - J & S G.

Dr. Jensen provides excellent chiropractic adjustments and Rehab. Regular visits help keep headaches away and when necessary good rehab from injuries.  Dr.  Jensen is very thoughtful in his care, by that I mean not only is he pleasant, he puts a lot of thought and reason into your particular cure. He is the best chiropractor and healthcare provider I have ever been to.


Dr. Jensen has treated my husband and I for 10 years and is one of the BEST chiropractors in the area.
My husband owes his health to Dr. Jensen!!

My daughter was having pain in her neck, shoulders and back and numbness in her hands. They were able to get her in the day I called and did a consultation,  evaluation and x-rays.  The staff was very friendly, professional and thorough! I was very impressed! My daughter has a lot of inflammation and misalignment
in her neck, shoulders and hips along with pinched nerves. They went over the x-rays in great detail and started her 1st treatment that day. We follow up in a couple of days for a treatment plan. I would definitely recommend them!


My husband and I went to Mansfield Spinal Care to see Dr. Keith Jensen for our on going back and neck issues. He is fabulous. Even though we have to change our insurance and he doesn't accept our insurance we are still going to him anyway regardless because he is that good. He is amazing, I like everything about him.
We have chosen to stick with him even though insurance doesn't pay.


They are great. They are flexible with their schedule and billing process.


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